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Real Business Work Experience

WiSolve Consulting Group offers members an unparalleled opportunity to work on real-world problems for clients across a range of sectors and topics. 

Members receive training in various business skills, complementing the technical training they receive in their research programs. 

These skills ultimately enable them to pursue employment in a variety of careers, in and outside of science. 

Entrepreneurial Training Workshops

We host monthly workshops for members to enhance business skills and foster professional development. Lecturers for the workshops come from various organizations, including the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Business, the Weinert Center for Entrepreneurship, and the Center for Technology Commercialization.

The topics covered include “Consulting 101”, “Business Plan Writing”, “Creating Lean Startups”, and “SBIR Grant Writing”. 

Networking Opportunities

We have strong connections with many University of Wisconsin organizations, and we are proudly integrated into the emerging entrepreneurial community in Madison, WI.

As a consultant you’ll have access to an aggregated list of events that we feel are making a difference in local entrepreneurism.