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+ Who can be a consultant with WiSolve?

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+ Do I need to have prior consulting experience?

No, you do not need prior consulting or business experience. As new members join the organization, we provide training and mentorship for the types of skills that the projects require,. Additionally, we regularly host workshops that help to bolster all members' skills. As members gain experience there is opportunity to graduate to Advisor and Project Manager positions.

+ What is the time commitment once I join WiSolve?

The weekly time commitment for consulting can range between 5-10 hours/week. There are optional (but encouraged) educational workshops, approximately 3 hours/month.

+ What is an example of the evolution of a WiSolve project?

A consulting project can take anywhere between 3-8 weeks. One person is designated the role of Project Manager, one person Expert Advisor, and 3-5 consultants.

+ What is the process of joining a WiSolve project?

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+ What can I expect from WiSolve?

As a working consultant you can expect to gain real-world experience and see growth in transferable skills such as management and technology consulting, intellectual property, sales and marketing, reseach and development, and technology transfer. You will also get practice in practical skills such as time management, working in groups, and presenting to business leaders in the Madison area.

+ Will joining WiSolve affect my doctoral/post-doctoral works?

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+ Should I join WiSolve only if I am interested in a consulting career?

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+ When are the WiSolve meetings?

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+ If I'm located outside of Madison, WI, can I still participate as a consultant for WiSolve?

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